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Localization & The Myth of Thanksgiving

Like many holidays, Thanksgiving comes from the time of agriculture being the dominant force in global economy when seasonal dates had much more importance and is essentially a harvest festival. Today however, Thanksgiving represents a time to get together with friends and family and to stuff your face- but not before taking a brief moment [...]

Translation, tango and poetry…

The commercial demands of modern translation, the birth of translation technology, and the corresponding revolutions in corporate workflows: a threat to the sacred skill of the bilingual soul or a familiar drone? With an office full of linguists who lavish in the satisfaction of successful translated word strings and odd expressions, it is hard to [...]

Want to speak 26 languages without learning them?

In a recent post, we touched on the possibilities of Automatic Speech Recognition technology (ASR) for the modern business world. In particular, we highlighted that this technology is likely to improve efficiency for businesses competing in the global market as the technology is integrated into internal processes. We also pointed to new developments as far [...]

A Brief Look at Multisense Words

Some words may change their meaning and usage over the course of time and, as a result, become more flexible or acquire a new meaning. When reading a newspaper article or a magazine, we encounter many of these newly coined words that have recently gained new currency.

I remember reading an article from the [...]

Toute l´équipe de W&W vous aime et vous souhaite une joyeuse Saint Valentin...

French is usually considered the language of love and given that today is St. Valentine’s Day, we thought we would bring you our greetings in tune with the occasion. It is, after all, interesting the effect that language can have on our communications with one another.

Language is, undoubtedly, an important component within any given culture, [...]

Tying Cross-cultural Knots: The Possibilities of ASR Technology

Sawaf and Litchman say it’s highly plausible that the language barrier will disappear within the next decade. And, with the way that technology is taking over the human brain, at least competing in terms of efficiency and economics, I wouldn’t rule it out.

Automatic speech recognition technology (ASR) is the next best thing after machine translation [...]

Language at the Heart of the Multicultural City of Buenos Aires

We are in the business of providing excellent language and localization services to businesses and other professionals around the world. For the team here at Win & Winnow Communications, this means that for much of our working week, which owing to deadlines in international time-zones often extends beyond the standard 40 hour week, we operate within a constructed [...]

Apple's Oops with the Siri App

When it comes to localization gaffes, even the bigwigs aren’t fool-proof.

The latest victim?  World-renowned technology leader and innovator Apple.

On October 4th, Apple announced the release of the new and improved iPhone 4S.  One of its most stand-out features is the Siri app, a voice command feature that essentially allows users to speak to their iPhones.

While [...]

Mainstream Media puts the Spotlight on Film Localization

It is not often that mainstream media puts a spotlight on localization, so we were pleasant surprised recently to find the Associated Press and ABC News doing just that.

In a July 18th article for the AP, film critic Glenn Whipp delves into the world of film translation and localization, exposing the various issues at play. [...]

Email Faux Pas - Some Mistakes to Avoid

The first in a series of blog entries in which the Win & Winnow team examines different aspects of business etiquette as it pertains to the translation and localization industry.

Ever miss your life before the arrival of the Information Age? The tranquil days before overflowing inboxes and spam messages that zap your energy as [...]