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December 2015
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Translation, tango and poetry…

The commercial demands of modern translation, the birth of translation technology, and the corresponding revolutions in corporate workflows: a threat to the sacred skill of the bilingual soul or a familiar drone? With an office full of linguists who lavish in the satisfaction of successful translated word strings and odd expressions, it is hard to [...]

Toute l´équipe de W&W vous aime et vous souhaite une joyeuse Saint Valentin...

French is usually considered the language of love and given that today is St. Valentine’s Day, we thought we would bring you our greetings in tune with the occasion. It is, after all, interesting the effect that language can have on our communications with one another.

Language is, undoubtedly, an important component within any given culture, [...]

Exploring the Mind of the Polyglot

For those looking to work in the world of localization, speaking at least two languages is almost always a must. And while most in the industry can claim at least bilingual status, there are a special few – polyglots – who blow most everyone else straight out of the water.

In her article titled “The secret [...]

Happy Holidays!

We, at Win & Winnow, extend you our best wishes for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, the vacations, or whatever it is that you celebrate at this time of the year.

This year the Argentine Christmas fell in the weekend and despite the countries Catholic roots, this does not denote a day in lieu as in some [...]

National Unity, Independence and Common Sense

To round out our week-long holiday series, we’d like to mention a few lesser-known holidays and commemorations being celebrated today, November 4th.

November 4th is the day that the literary genious and arguably one of the most important English-language poets in the 2oth century, T. S. Eliot, won the Nobel Prize in 1948 for his outstanding contribution to literature.

On [...]

What Language has to do with Independence

Today’s holidays are predominantly about independence – which is fitting when we consider that independence is one of the key characteristics of any given language – the ability to seperate itself from other groups through the barrier of words (although this function is changing with advances in the translation and localization industry).

Ever since the mytholical Tower of Babel, language [...]

Day Three: Souls & Saints

Continuing with what has thus far turned out to be a quite morbid series – something we plan to switch up tomorrow – is All Souls’ Day, celebrated today, November 2nd.

All Souls’ Day is a Christian religious holiday that honors those who have passed.  Not all that different from the Latin American Día de los [...]

A Look at Mexican Tradition: The Day of the Dead

Next up in our series comes the two-day holiday that begins today – the Day of the Dead.

El día de los muertos in Spanish, the holiday centers upon the remembrance of loved ones who have passed.  Unlike Halloween, where death feared, in this Mexican and Latin American tradition, death is celebrated.

The Day of the Dead [...]

Halloween and Costume Reminiscing with the Win & Winnow Team

We thought we’d start out the series with an obvious choice – Halloween.  Celebrated the 31st of October every year, it is marked by costumes, candy and the infamous language of “Trick or treat!”

The exact origins of Halloween are not known.  However, experts say that the holiday is most likely linked to the Celtic festival [...]

Every Day is a Holiday!

Every day is a holiday – it’s a euphemism we’ve all heard more than once.  Encouraging us to celebrate life, the saying is designed as a pick-me-up on any dreary day.

When you get down to it, though, the thing is that every day really is a holiday. Somewhere, somehow, someone is always celebrating something, whether [...]