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Human Translation or Machine Translation?

Human Translation or Machine Translation?
As the saying goes…….To do a job well, you have to use the right tools.
As technology continues to advance, this subject is in constant debate. Let’s detach ourselves for a moment from the matter at hand – it’s a well-known fact that to achieve optimum results with any type of project it’s imperative to use the proper tools. Decisions on whether to use machine translation or a professional human translator are based on several important factors – cost, timeliness, your target audience and subject matter to name just a [...]

SEO Translation as part of your website localization project

So your company has a growing international client base. A nice problem to have. It’s quite a challenge to make this happen and when it does finally take off, managing and nurturing this valuable asset of your company requires strategic planning.
Many companies that have been around since the before the dawn of the internet can attribute much of their growth during the past 2 decades to the proliferation of the web. Even those that don’t sell products directly over the internet have connected with many of their current clients in cyberspace via a web search, banner ad, mass e-mail, or on-line business [...]

4 Handy Tips to Follow for your eLearning Translation and Localization project.......Motivate your audience, Increase effectiveness, Enhance interest in learning initiatives & Manage costs

4 Handy Tips to Follow for your eLearning Translation and Localization project
Motivate your audience, Increase effectiveness, Enhance interest in learning initiatives and Manage costs
Translation and localization of your eLearning platform can be a demanding task. The language dynamic and target audience are factors that need to be taken into consideration with careful detail as eLearning has become the standard in many markets and industries, while others are still in the beginning stages. We suggest you take the following into account when preparing to take your current eLearning platform [...]

Understanding those mysterious “written accents” (technically known as “diacritical marks”).

A “diacritical mark”, more commonly known as a “written accent” added to a printed letter of the alphabet is mainly used to indicate either a change of pronunciation or indicate “stress” on the “marked” letter. The term originates from the Greek Orthodox language διακριτικός (diakritikós, or “distinguishing”). Certain diacritical marks, such as the acute ´ and grave ` are often called accents. These marks may appear above or below a letter and in some languages within the letter [...]

What’s on the horizon for the translation and localization industry in 2013?

Market research indicates that the Internet continues to advance at lightning speed in what are being called the “Triple A” markets (African, Asian and Arabic). In addition to the explosive economic expansion expected to continue in Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, it’s been projected that the [...]

Why Professional Interpreting Matters

Not sure you need a professional interpreter for business meetings and conferences? Think again. The person who’s communicating for you when you can’t can make a big impression on your audience.

But first, what is interpreting? Interpreting is not the same thing as translation, although it requires some of the same skills. [...]

A Brief Look at Multisense Words

Some words may change their meaning and usage over the course of time and, as a result, become more flexible or acquire a new meaning. When reading a newspaper article or a magazine, we encounter many of these newly coined words that have recently gained new currency.

I remember reading an article from the [...]

In-Project Communications: What’s The Best Way?

In our most recent blog entry, we outlined a few common errors that linguists make when making initial contact with a company via email. As mentioned before, email as a form of communication is both easy and impersonal, allowing you to say nearly anything without being shy. This can be problematic when you get too [...]

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome! Translating for the Tourist

The first in a series of Win & Winnow’s perspectives on translation and the tourism industry.

Welcome to Buenos Aires, one of South America’s top tourist destinations. Welcome to the busy city streets, the beautiful people who occupy them, and the fantastic food and drink they enjoy. Sounds like the perfect spot for your next vacation.

But [...]

A Linguistic Chicken or the Egg


First dates are usually awkward. Certain conversation topics too. Stereotypically nerdy individuals tend to earn the adjective ‘awkward,’ often because they lack some basic social skills. The way you stand, dance, or move in general can all be awkward. Some people would describe their lives as one long series of [...]