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November 2015
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What’s on the horizon for the translation and localization industry in 2013?

Market research indicates that the Internet continues to advance at lightning speed in what are being called the “Triple A” markets (African, Asian and Arabic). In addition to the explosive economic expansion expected to continue in Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, it’s been projected that the [...]

Some interesting factoids about Asian languages

As companies in the West make a push to gain market share in the Far East, there is a renewed interest in learning to speak, read, write and publish content  in Asian languages.  There’s also been a noticeable increase in offerings of classes in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malay [...]

Win & Winnow Joins ELIA Association

As part of our global expansion strategy, Win & Winnow is honored to have recently become a full member the European Language Industry Association (ELIA).

ELIA is the first pan-European company-to-company association in the language industry. The association is an umbrella professional organization for translation, interpreting and localization companies [...]

Why Professional Interpreting Matters

Not sure you need a professional interpreter for business meetings and conferences? Think again. The person who’s communicating for you when you can’t can make a big impression on your audience.

But first, what is interpreting? Interpreting is not the same thing as translation, although it requires some of the same skills. [...]

The Achievement of Quality in Translation

In the world of translation and localization, delivery is as dependent on deadlines as it is on quality standards. These standards are not only specific to client, country or project. They actually include guidelines developed according to industry norms and metrics. The truth is that without quality standards, there is no future in the localization [...]

A Brief Look at Multisense Words

Some words may change their meaning and usage over the course of time and, as a result, become more flexible or acquire a new meaning. When reading a newspaper article or a magazine, we encounter many of these newly coined words that have recently gained new currency.

I remember reading an article from the [...]

Three Tips for Improving Relationships Between Clients and LSPs

Beyond Quality

If one thing is sure in the localization industry, it is this:  quality is key.  One bad translation, and the client is often out the door.

Before we get our heads buried in a sand of comma-placement and alternative spellings, however, we may want to come up for air and look [...]