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Human Translation or Machine Translation?

Human Translation or Machine Translation?
As the saying goes…….To do a job well, you have to use the right tools.
As technology continues to advance, this subject is in constant debate. Let’s detach ourselves for a moment from the matter at hand – it’s a well-known fact that to achieve optimum results with any type of project it’s imperative to use the proper tools. Decisions on whether to use machine translation or a professional human translator are based on several important factors – cost, timeliness, your target audience and subject matter to name just a [...]

SEO Translation as part of your website localization project

So your company has a growing international client base. A nice problem to have. It’s quite a challenge to make this happen and when it does finally take off, managing and nurturing this valuable asset of your company requires strategic planning.
Many companies that have been around since the before the dawn of the internet can attribute much of their growth during the past 2 decades to the proliferation of the web. Even those that don’t sell products directly over the internet have connected with many of their current clients in cyberspace via a web search, banner ad, mass e-mail, or on-line business [...]

4 Handy Tips to Follow for your eLearning Translation and Localization project.......Motivate your audience, Increase effectiveness, Enhance interest in learning initiatives & Manage costs

4 Handy Tips to Follow for your eLearning Translation and Localization project
Motivate your audience, Increase effectiveness, Enhance interest in learning initiatives and Manage costs
Translation and localization of your eLearning platform can be a demanding task. The language dynamic and target audience are factors that need to be taken into consideration with careful detail as eLearning has become the standard in many markets and industries, while others are still in the beginning stages. We suggest you take the following into account when preparing to take your current eLearning platform [...]

Medical Devices and their development in major Latin American economies - Part I of a III part series

The Win & Winnow Communications team welcomes you to our III part series on the subject of medical device regulation within 3 major markets in Latin America.

Research and development of medical technology, a vital sector of this multi-billion industry is limited to just a few countries around the globe where adequate financial resources and industry professionals are available. Worldwide, both public and private sector medical care systems import these new technologies and given this dynamic, the medical industry must communicate highly complex information in hundreds of languages to a vastly diverse international audience. This specialized information must be communicated in a way that is consistent with the OEM manufacturer’s documentation but also customized to comply with the importing country’s regulations. Translation is a crucial part of the distribution [...]

Understanding those mysterious “written accents” (technically known as “diacritical marks”).

A “diacritical mark”, more commonly known as a “written accent” added to a printed letter of the alphabet is mainly used to indicate either a change of pronunciation or indicate “stress” on the “marked” letter. The term originates from the Greek Orthodox language διακριτικός (diakritikós, or “distinguishing”). Certain diacritical marks, such as the acute ´ and grave ` are often called accents. These marks may appear above or below a letter and in some languages within the letter [...]

What’s on the horizon for the translation and localization industry in 2013?

Market research indicates that the Internet continues to advance at lightning speed in what are being called the “Triple A” markets (African, Asian and Arabic). In addition to the explosive economic expansion expected to continue in Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, it’s been projected that the [...]

Communicate the purpose and scope of your translation for best results

When a new project is presented to a translator, it’s always good practice to communicate the purpose of the content and the scope of the project. Adding this step to your submission process will be beneficial to both parties as it can save money and time, eliminating the need for multiple revisions. [...]

Some interesting factoids about Asian languages

As companies in the West make a push to gain market share in the Far East, there is a renewed interest in learning to speak, read, write and publish content  in Asian languages.  There’s also been a noticeable increase in offerings of classes in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malay [...]

Win and Winnow Communications is a proud sponsor of Translators Without Borders - a cause near and dear to our hearts

The staff of Win & Winnows Communications strongly believes in world wide social causes, and looks for ways to share our success with those less fortunate and the disadvantaged in around the world. Translators Without Borders is an organization that we contribute our time to in an effort to further their cause and help change the lives of Men, Women, Children and entire communities. [...]

Win & Winnow Communications makes it into the Top Ten LSPs in Latin America

Like each year Common Sense Advisory, the independent research firm of the translation/localization industry, has published the report about the 100 largest localization providers in the industry. While we still have some way to go to be included in that one, Win & Winnow landed on place 10 of the ranking that identifies the 15 [...]