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Since 2003, the Association of Argentinean Videogames Developers (ADVA) has been organizing the EVA Exhibition (Exhibition of Video games Argentina). EVA is the most important event in the local industry of video game developers, which consistently grows each year in audience, guests, and sponsors.

Every year EVA is visited by over 2000 professionals of the industry. Our video games localization team seized the opportunity to meet our clients and friends, discuss new trends and sit in some lectures to keep up to date with this fast-paced industry.

Attendees this year had the great chance to be around and learn from some of the most influential people in the industry worldwide, such as representatives from Google, IBM, Sony, Epic Games, Unity Technologies, Nutaku, Good Shepherd, among others.

Translating video games is different to than translating content for other fields, from the user interface to the gamer lingo. It requires a specialized localization team to deal not only with the language aspects but also has the ability to fully immerse and engage players in another world. Since this feeling of immersion is contingent not only upon the translator’s linguistic skills but also upon a writing style and vocabulary specific to certain game genres, it is also necessary that game translators have creative writing ability and a profound understanding of gamer culture and game worlds. Ask us about our True Gamers linguistic Team.

Our video games localization team focuses on a market sensitive translation and full scope localization of video games so that you can leave us with what we know best and you can focus on taking your games global for the world to play!

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