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On April 2017, the first Game Summit was carried out in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Summit was organized by ADVA (Association of Argentinean Videogames Developers) and among the international speakers that were present, attendees could listen to the latest news from Epic Games and Unreal Engine, as well as the newest business unit presented by Hibernum Studios.

ADVA’s mission is to promote the growth of the gaming industry in Argentina, mainly by promoting the businesses of its affiliates both locally and internationally. Also, they are in charge of organizing the Annual Videogames Exhibition (EVA). Also, they represent the International Game Developers Association in Argentina, and are present at the Games Developers Conference and E3.

The speakers that participated in the two-day conference were:

The conference is mainly oriented towards video games developers, and all the speakers agreed on the high quality of the games coming out to the market from Argentina.

The video games industry in Latin America is growing consistently, gaining attention from the USA and Europe.

Argentina has few successful videogames studios such as Etermax  and NGD Studios that were able to succefully launch their games internationally. However, year after year more Argentinean studios are turning international heads  with games like ‘ ‘Fallout Shelter’, and ;Kingdom Rush’, DOGOS, Master of Orion, among many others. .

Win & Winnow was present at the conference to keep up with industry trends and network with the most important players in the field. Our intention is to always bring the latest news to our customers, and to be able to offer more added value in every project.

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