Advanced Localization: 4 Tips That Will Improve Your Thai Testing

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Today most eLearning platforms are responsive, and while this provides extreme benefits for the users and developers, it may present some localization challenges for the Thai language due to line spacing errors.

For starters, the linguistic team should use the proper coding when editing Thai content, using breaking ​ and non-breaking  zero-width-space chars included. This will help improve the engineering stage. This is a simple method that will ensure your spacings are correct. However, at Win & Winnow Language Services we have also developed a Thai localization testing strategy that we found effective and with great overall results, and we would like to share it with you. Yes, we are THAT cool!

Here are 4 tips that you should consider for Thai localization testing:

  1. Pick a resolution: when dealing with responsive platforms, we suggest picking one resolution for Thai where they will obtain the best results. Discuss this with your client to pick one that adapts to their most common needs. Run your testing always on the chosen screen resolution. Share a note where users know that for better results they should run the course on that resolution.
  2. Testing: it is important to include not only functional testing but also linguistic and cosmetic testing for Thai localization. Run at least three testing rounds by Thai testers and make sure that it is always done with the previously selected resolution.
  3. Bug reporting: good testing reporting is crucial as most likely the engineering team will not have any Thai speakers. A suggested reporting method is to use a PowerPoint where the slide includes a screenshot and the notes clear instructions for its implementation.
  4. Feedback implementation check: make sure that the implementation of the feedback is always reviewed by the Thai tester as the line spacing is very sensitive.

If you want to know more about Thai localization or if you need help with your localization project, get in touch with us!

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