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In order to be close to our customers and keep providing high quality localization solutions by local linguists, we have recently opened our new production office in São Paulo, Brazil, as part of our strategy to expand our brand and services in Brazilian Portuguese.

From this new office, our team will be in charge of managing our customers projects, making sure we deliver first class solutions at highly competitive rates. We will continue offering our complete range of services including translation & localization, interpretation, transcreation, DTP & engineering, MT Post-Editing, focusing on Brazilian Portuguese and offering the highest quality and best turnaround times.

The Win & Winnow office in Brazil is located on the famous Paulista Avenue, in the heart of the vibrant city of São Paulo, Brazil’s economic center. São Paulo’s participation in the Brazilian banking system reaches almost 50% in volume terms.

An estimated 20 million people live in greater São Paulo, making it the third-largest metropolis on earth. This makes it a significant destination for business and pleasure travelers around the world. It is particularly rich in historical, political and cultural value, giving visitors an authentic, memorable experience of a fascinating country. Its cultural life is enriched by the largest community of people of Japanese descent outside Japan, the largest population of Italian descendants outside Italy and a significant Arab community fueled mostly by Lebanese and Syrian immigration. There are one million Germans, as well as Chinese, Armenian, Lithuanian, Greek, Korean, Polish and Hungarian communities.

You can reach our team in Brazil at:

Av. Paulista, 37 – 4º andar

Bela Vista – 01311 -902

São Paulo / SP

Phone: +5511 2246 2872

Email: sp@www.winandwinnow.com

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